A World With no Honey Bee Pollination...

A World With no Honey Bee Pollination...

Our little friend the Honey Bee is more significant than most would think. With out them buzzing around to pollinate the world’s supply of crops, we would lose 1/3 of all food produced including fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and even fibres such as cotton. With that being said let me put this into perspective:

  • If you love fruit pies such as apple, and blueberry, you better find a substitute  honey bee
  • Have a soft spot for cotton T-shirts and bedding? Can’t any more.
  • Parents will never be able to use this threat again:  “Eat all of your vegetables Tommy, or no dessert”
  • Planning a wedding? What will your bouquets and centrepieces be without flowers? 
  • What would you put in your tea if there were no honey to make it a little sweeter?
  • When cold season rolls around, what natural remedy will replace honey and echinacea?
  • The deserts would no longer home their famous plant: the cacti
  • Cattle would no longer have alfalfa to eat- say good bye to steak dinners
  • If you’re making moms famous butter tarts, you couldn’t put the pecans in the bottom
  • Citrus lovers will have to have a citrus free diet
  • You could no longer enjoy burning 100% Pure Beeswax Honey Candlessoy or paraffin anyone?

Paints a pretty bleak world doesn’t it?

Published By Pat Cattermole

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