Acclamations from a Beeswax Candle Lover

Acclamations from a Beeswax Candle Lover

beeswax pillar candleWe receive many letters from beeswax candle fans. Occasionally we get one that stands out. Letters that really move us to share them with you have these ingredients:

  • They acknowledge the quality of our beeswax candles
  • They notice the effort we put into customer service 
  • They obviously love beeswax candles

We received such an e-mail from Nigel and Kate in North Vancouver, BC recently after I checked with them to make sure their candles arrived okay. Here’s what they said,

“Thanks so much for getting in touch. I was actually going to contact you this weekend anyway... to tell you just how impressed my wife and I are at your stunning levels of customer service! The fact that you are following-up like this is yet another example of how well you do things.I wanted to let you know that everything you are doing, from the stunning quality of your candles, through to the amazing customer care is quite simply at the highest level. You've gained two very happy customers!

Our candles (pillars and tealights) arrived very quickly (faster than expected), in perfect condition and packaged very securely. To then find a hand-written note of thanks with our small order absolutely blew us away. It is incredibly rare to discover a company that puts so much effort, detail and genuine care into their service. It reflects so well on your (already excellent) products.

As for the candles themselves, I can confirm that everything you say about them on your website is true... they are in a different league to ‘standard’ candles you find in big stores. There is no going back!”

I’m sure you can imagine that letter left us thrilled and humbled at the same time.  We are impressed that they took the time to write us such a wonderful letter.  We think Nigel and Kate are not your ‘average’ customers.  We treat all our customers like they aren’t ‘average’.  After all, if you are buying Honey Candles® beeswax candles we consider you special.

Honey Candles makes all our candles from 100% pure beeswax. Whether they are hand dripped, hand poured or hand dipped they are made in Canada in our shop in Kaslo BC. We only use Canadian beeswax.
Published By Pat Cattermole

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