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Activities to Celebrate Wellness this January

The decorations are put away, the stores are quiet, and the hustle and bustle has slowed. January brings with it a feeling of peacefulness and tranquility after a busy holiday season. You finally have spare time and the chance to put gifts from Santa to use. January also has a feeling of freshness and rejuvenation. It’s the time of year when we have grown tired of the overindulgence of sweets and goodies, and the busy schedule that can hinder our ability to focus on our own wellness. This January we encourage you to try new activities, take time for reflection, and focus on your well being.

Make the most of the snow! When your drive needs shoveling, snow can sometimes feel like a burden but when we take advantage of snowy activities, we will see it in a whole new light. Whether it’s venturing into the great outdoors with your snowshoes to make some fresh tracks, strapping on a pair of skis to carve your way down a mountain, or simply looking at the beautiful white blanket that covers the ground, when we enjoy snow it can improve the way we feel about winter. Dedicate time this winter to be outside. When you return home for the day enjoy, light some pillar candles, enjoy some tea and take in the après ski bliss.

Enjoy the sanctuary of the kitchen! Did you receive a new cookbook for Christmas? Or maybe some fresh cookware or a new apron. Make use of the gifts from loved ones by trying a new recipe and taking advantage of the sanctuary of your kitchen. Make cooking into a peaceful practice. Play some gentle music, light your favourite Honey Candles votives, and make some culinary magic! Between the sound of the sizzle against your favourite tunes, and the smell of beeswax harmonizing with the scent of your cooking masterpiece, you will drift into a state of total relaxation.

Spend time with family! There is nothing better for your mind and spirit than the company of loving family and friends. In the pursuit of wellness this new year, dedicate time to visiting, laughing and playing with family. If you had a jigsaw puzzle or boardgame under the tree, then what better way to try them out! To truly be present with each other, try keeping technology off while you play. Light pure beeswax candles to encourage the peaceful tech-free feel and set a calming tone (although if monopoly is your game of choice, we cannot guarantee things will remain calm!).

Try some of these activities this winter or choose some of your own. Whether it’s one of our suggestions or finishing a craft that has been delayed or picking up an old hobby again, there is no limit to the ways you can enjoy winter and maintain personal wellness. We wish you all a wonderful first month of 2019.

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