pure beeswax gala candles on a gender reveal cake

Adding Beeswax Candles to your Gender Reveal

Gender Reveal parties have become a common gathering that enhance the excitement when awaiting the arrival of a new baby. Couples gather their family and friends to nervously anticipate the pink or blue cake filling, and then jump with joy no matter which is revealed. More than anything gender reveals are about sharing your excitement and anticipation with loved ones. If you are a beeswax candle lover, incorporating candles into your eco-friendly gender reveal only makes sense! 

Honey Candles beeswax cake candles are great to top your cake with. The pastel birthday pack comes with 20 pure beeswax candles including the light blue Glacier Teal and the light pink Paris Pink. The pack also includes the baby-centric colors of Pearl, Mountain Jade, and Spring Crocus to add more depth to your cakes’ rainbow. The height of Honey Candles Gala Candles gives them added drama for your celebration photos that will look fabulous in scrapbooks, social media posts and more. 

For a different twist on cake candles for a gender reveal try beeswax number candles. Putting ‘3, 2, 1’ on your cake will give your countdown an added flare!  To up your Instagram game make a video of one parent blowing out the candles while other cuts into the cake on 3, 2 and then lifts the slice to reveal the gender on 1! 

No matter how you choose to celebrate you can put your mind at ease knowing that pure beeswax is non-toxic and completely natural, making it safe for you, your unborn child and your family and friends! 
Published By Nicola Hum

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