Amazing Pure Beeswax Advent Candles

Amazing Pure Beeswax Advent Candles

beeswax advent candlesWe have been making pure beeswax Advent Candles for several years now. The candles we specify as Advent are 9 inch candlesticks with a ¾ inch base. The base is actually tapered on the bottom to fit more candlestick holders.

Our 9 inch Advent Candles are available in the colors Purple, White and Pink. At Honey Candles we expanded our variety of colors for more of our candles and now those same colors are available in the 12 inch Taper Pairs and Pillars if you prefer a different style Advent Candle. If you wish to go that route, when ordering be sure to choose Violet for the purple candles. Spring Crocus is too light. The pink is Paris Pink and order Pearl for white.

We have had many happy customers in the four years we have been selling our Advent Candles. Here’s what a few have said about them after they received their orders:

“Thank you so much for the candles. I love them! I am a Pastor and Spiritual Director, and use candles all the time. I hate using the standard run of the mill candles – they smell ‘chemically’ and do not burn well. Yuck.

"Your candles are amazing! I used them in my Advent wreath, during weekly prayer group, and during spiritual direction sessions. The natural fragrance is comforting, and the light is clear, strong, and very beautiful. Just what a candle should be!

You have a customer for life. Thank you for providing such beautiful light.”  With gratitude, Kim in Meridian ID

“We received the candles in excellent condition. They were packed very nicely, and are burning beautifully in our Advent wreath. These candles are wonderful, and we’re so happy you offer them.” Ben in Espanola NM

“I’m very happy with the candles! They arrived in perfect time. They are great quality and I was very interested to read about the many benefits of beeswax candles.I found your site because I was searching for 100% beeswax candles for advent. I had a lot of trouble finding colored ones locally, especially the purple and rose colored ones necessary for advent. I was very pleased to find your site as I had done some research and decided that paraffin and soy were less than desirable.

Thank you, I’m sure that I will be back to your company!” Dyani in Freehold NY

“I love your beeswax candles and I love the fact that you are a Canadian company providing a very high quality product. Consider me a new customer. I found you on-line searching for beeswax advent candles. I’m thoroughly enjoying my candles and look forward to future purchases with you.” Shirley in Calgary AB

These testimonials make us so happy! We love our beeswax candles and want you to find out about them and come to love them as much as the customers that so generously said I could quote them.

If you are interested in suggested rituals and ways to burn our Advent Candles you might enjoy this article written when we first launched them back in 2011.

Beautiful Advent Candles This Christmas For Your Family

You can find beeswax Honey Candles® Advent Candles at our on-line store.

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