Are you a believer?

Are you a believer?

That is are you are a believer in the beauty and benefits of beeswax candles? When I first came to work at Honey Candles® over six years ago I wasn’t a believer. I came to work at Honey Candles® because I wanted to work with the owners Roy & Leah Honkanen. In our small community they are known as the salt of the earth and good people to work with. But beeswax candles - I didn’t know much about them. I didn’t burn many candles and I really didn’t know the difference between beeswax and paraffin. My only experience with beeswax was when I was a child. I knew that it was in the frames that my grandparents had in their beehives and that they came out dripping honey. Being a kid I was far more interested in the honey then.

In my first year at Honey Candles® I learned a lot. I found out that beeswax burns clean and burns much longer than paraffin. That paraffin has hardeners that when burned is released into the air we breathe.  Those hardeners are often made of the same material that is in synthetic carpet. I learned the most by taking candles home and burning them. I learned how to burn them properly, when to trim and when not to trim.  I learned which candle to burn depending on how long I wanted to have a candle burning. I came to appreciate the sweet honey scent released when burning pure beeswax candles.  No other candle flame has the same warm amber glow as beeswax. I burned Pillars and Tealights. I burned Candlesticks and Votives.  I was very excited about the Emergency Candles in tins. That first Christmas my family members were all prepared for an emergency if their vehicles were stuck on the side of the road. My husband got two emergency candles, one for his ATV and one for his truck.

I came to love all the Honey Candles® and now I have burned enough candles I can be of help to you if you have questions about burning your Honey Candles®. Most importantly I became a believer. Has Honey Candles® made a believer out of you yet? 

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