Beautiful Versatile Honey Candles® Natural Beeswax 9 inch Base

Beautiful Versatile Honey Candles® Natural Beeswax 9 inch Base

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A long time customer favourite, the Honey Candles® 9 inch Base has earned its place in your homes. Exceedingly versatile with a tapered bottom to fit many different sizes of candlestick holders, this often is the candle stick that sells out first in stores. I had a retailer recently order several boxes. She had sold out her first box in a matter of a month and a half. It doesn’t take customers long to figure out this is a candle that should be in every home. If you wish to burn a natural beeswax candle for a short duration the Honey Candles® beeswax 9 inch Base is often the right choice for you.

It is also the perfect gift because it will be the most likely to fit the candlestick holders of the receiver. You can buy Honey Candles® pure natural beeswax 9 inch Base as singles or in a package of three, perfect for gift giving or as a Christmas stocking stuffer. 

beeswax candlesticksIf you love antique candle holders you know that it is often difficult to find modern candles that complement these often uniquely beautiful holders. It is even harder to find candles that fit. If the antique candlestick holder you own is for a narrow candlestick try a Honey Candles® natural beeswax 9 inch Base. It will likely fit and will look beautiful. The photograph shows a brass antique candlestick holder that once belonged to my mother-in-law. The 9 inch Base was the only candlestick that I could find that fit.

When we had requests for Advent Candles for Christmas we chose the 9 inch Base candle form because of its popularity. They are available for Advent in PinkPurpleWhite and Blue. Our customers love them for their beauty, their lovely colors and their versatility.

beeswax candlesticksThe natural beeswax 9 inch Base is subject to the same Candle Care as all Honey Candles® candlesticks. They need to be protected from drafts so they don’t drip. The wicks usually don’t need to be trimmed but if they appear too long they should only be trimmed to a half inch. If the wick is too short there may not be enough flame to burn up the melting wax and the natural beeswax Base will drip. Roy, our production manager diligently tests and retests to make sure we have wick that performs optimally. Even so occasionally a wick will develop a carbon cap on the tip of the wick. If this happens the candlestick should be snuffed and the cap trimmed off. You then can relight the Base and continue to enjoy the candlelight.

Did you know that based on the light spectrum, light emitted from pure natural beeswax Honey Candles® is the closest to sunlight?

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