Beeswax 6 inch Tube Candlestick Pairs

Beeswax 6 inch Tube Candlestick Pairs

beeswax candlesticksHoney Candles® beeswax 6 inch Tubes are a well-loved favorite of many Honey Candles® lovers. They are adaptable and make a nifty emergency candle to have around for power outages and will also look great in a nice set of candlesticks holders for dinner. We were asked a couple years ago if we would make them in pairs. We heard you and we’ve done it - 6 inch beeswax Tube Pairs in Natural and Red. Perfect to burn in the crisp fall evenings and brighten your home as the days grow shorter. Natural and Red are great colors for Thanksgiving or will fit into your holiday décor plans.

beeswax candlesticksHoney Candles® 6 inch Tubes are handmade in Canada of 100% pure beeswax from Western Canada.

As with all our beeswax candles we remind you to NEVER LEAVE A BURNING CANDLE UNATTENDED. For your safety and best burning results please burn your 6 inch Honey Candles Tube in an appropriately sized fire-proof holder that will keep your candle stable.

If you have a store you will be happy to know Honey Candles® 6 inch Tubes are available in Point of Purchase display boxes of 24 pairs of one color.

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Photos by Marlie Marchewka

Published By Pat Cattermole

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