Beeswax Candles 101

Beeswax Candles 101

As you likely know, beeswax is a product of the hardworking honeybee. This natural wax is cultivated in beehives along with honey. Beeswax can be used for everything from waterproofing shoes and polishing wood products, to making natural cosmetics and beeswax candles. At Honey Candles we use beeswax to handcraft a wide variety of natural candles. If you’re new to beeswax or are just looking for a refresher on burning beeswax candles, below are some reasons why we think beeswax candles are best!

Beeswax is Unique

If you have purchased beeswax candles before you may have noticed that the colours can vary significantly, from faint golden yellow to darker dijon colour. This is part of the beauty of an all natural product. When the bees make the wax, it is actually white in colour, but the pollen and propolis from the flowers they feed on gives it the amber hue we all know and love. Naturally this means the wax can vary depending on the type of flower and amount of pollen in the wax.

The Aroma of Beeswax

One of the signatures of burning beeswax candles is the gentle honey aroma. We love that the pleasant smell of pure beeswax candles is completely natural and fragrance free. Quite often we hear from people who are sensitive to artificially fragranced candles that they love the natural scent of Honey Candles because they can burn them in their home without irritation.

The Amber Glow of Beeswax

Another signature feature of burning beeswax candles is the amber glow. Compared to the stark white light produced by paraffin or soy, beeswax emits a calm golden lighting. This amber glow is bright yet soft, providing an excellent amount of light while being gentle on the eyes. This makes beeswax candles great for everything from reading to setting a romantic mood.

Beeswax is Long Burning

Pure beeswax candles are naturally long burning. Unlike some candles that contain additives to increase burn times which can cause a weak flame and in many cases emit toxic chemicals, beeswax comes by its long burn times naturally, without additives. These long burn times, coupled with how bright and hot beeswax burns also makes them the best wax choice for survival or emergency situations.

Finding the Beeswax Candle for You

Different styles of beeswax candles all have their own unique benefits and needs. Some candles are great for burning for short periods and some should be burned for longer stretches. Some beeswax candles can simply be monitored while burning, while others require a bit more maintenance.

If you like to burn candles for hours at a time, Pillars and Tealights are a great choice for you. Whereas if you prefer burning for shorter periods candlesticks like Tubes, Tapers and Columns are a better match. If you lie somewhere in the middle, try Votives, Tins or Ornamentals. Once you have chosen the perfect candle visit out learn pages for burning tips and instructions.

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