Beeswax Candles - A Family of Red

Beeswax Candles - A Family of Red

We occasionally get comments that our colors don’t quite match. That happens less often now because we consistently use the same color of beeswax before we color it and we measure the enviro-dye as accurately as possible.

One of the things we have no control over is the density of the beeswax of each particular type of candle. I want you to look at this family of Red beeswax candles. It may not be as obvious in the photograph but the amount of the beeswax in the pillars is much more than that of say the tapers. When we pour our smooth pillars they are not over-dipped. Which means the color of the wax is the same on the inside as the outside. That is several more inches of Red wax to look into. It gives the color of the Red Pillar more denseness and richness, therefore it is a darker color than the Red of the taper for example.

So if you have a Honey Candles® Red Votive, a Red Tealight and a Red Pillar the Red may be less intense in the smaller candles. It does not mean it is the wrong color. You are just looking through less of it. This is likely true of all the colors but more evident visually in the darker colors.

Have you noticed this with any of your colored beeswax Honey Candles®? You can find your way to the Honey Candles® on-line store right here.
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