Beeswax Candles as Corporate Gifts

Beeswax Candles as Corporate Gifts

beeswax drip pillarsDo you send out gifts to your clients? This week we had a corporate order for 80 - 5 inch pure beeswax Heritage Drip pillars. There will be many delighted faces when they open their box from the bank! What a nice gift to receive from a business that you have been loyal to.

Here are some reasons you might choose Honey Candles® beeswax candles to give as a corporate gift:

  • They are beautiful to look at
  • They are handmade and often are hand -dipped or hand- dripped
  • They are NOT a blended candle wax, instead they are 100% pure Canadian beeswax
  • They are non-toxic
  • beeswax pillar candleThey smell wonderfully when they are burning and will freshen the air
  • They are naturally long burning without additives
  • They are made in Canada
  • As the photo indicates they burn so exquisitely (this is a 5 inch Heritage Drip burning like the ones we sent out this week)
We have so many choices for corporate gifts for whatever your gift budget might be. There are pillars of all sizes and gift packages of our smaller candles.  Our Ornamentals come in many sizes, colors and shapes and make special gifts. Be sure to watch for our future packages of floating candles. They will be available soon as part of our new Enlighten line!

Browse our on-line store and see what you think your customers might enjoy and will make them know you appreciate them!

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