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Beeswax Candles for Teachers and Coaches

decorative beeswax candleThroughout the year, your kids are influenced by a variety of instructors; school teachers, coaches, music and dance teachers, and more. As the school year comes to an end there is often a frantic search for a gift to show the important educators and instructors in your child’s life how much you appreciate their dedication and hard work. Naturally, we conjure up images of a shiny red apple with a perfect green leaf, but alas it would seem this is more of a legend than a true gift option. 
While we want to show appreciation, we also want to avoid filling teachers’ and coaches’ cupboards with more mugs than they can handle, even when the mug’s caption “worlds best teacher” rings true. This is one of the reasons why it is a great idea to give teachers and coaches something that they can consume and will not collect dust in their homes. Of course, one great option is pure beeswax Honey Candles®
Pure beeswax candles are a universal gift that can be enjoyed by teachers, coaches, and instructors alike. The gentle honey aroma and amber glow of our natural candles can be enjoyed during a bath after a long day, for a romantic dinner, or during no occasion at all! Additionally, Honey Candles are nontoxic and clean burning. Our colored handmade candles are dyed with enviro-dye, an environmentally friendly, REACH certified dye, that is not tested on animals. By gifting Honey Candles, you show teachers and instructors that you care about their hard work, and that you also care about purchasing safe products for them to use. 
When it comes to packaging your Honey Candles for a teacher, coach, or instructor there are many creative options! If you want to create an homage to the classic red apple try decorating one of our Red or Burgundy Fluted Spheres with green ribbon, as I did in the photo above. Another option is to include some word-play. Attaching a tag that says, “Thank you for BEEing there” or “For all that you handle, enjoy a candle” will surely be a hit, especially with English teachers!
Thank you to all the teachers, coaches, instructors and more who are helping to mold a new generation! 
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