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Beeswax Candles for your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting experiences of your life.   You are curating the perfect event to share your life and love with your friends and family. Everything from the venue, to the dress, ceremony, and wedding décor reflects your personality and values.  Whether you are already a dedicated beeswax candle burner, or you are simply looking for an easy way to make your wedding a little greener – pure beeswax candles can help make your day both sustainable and elegant. With a multitude of styles and colours, let Honey Candles bring the natural light of beeswax to your wedding.


Table settings

There’s no light like candle-light and there’s no candle-light like beeswax. When you are looking to elevate your wedding’s centerpieces, beeswax is the perfect addition. The soft amber glow of pure beeswax is both beautiful and romantic; the right combination for any wedding. A simple Beeswax Tealight in a mason jar is perfect for a rustic wedding or use Natural Pillars to make a bold statement for a modern theme. If your venue is cautious of allowing candles, Beeswax Floating Candles offer a perfect solution. Not only is the stunning flower shape perfect for the occasion, they will be extinguished in the water if they are accidentally bumped, putting your (and the venue manager’s) mind at ease. 


Guest Favours

Choosing a wedding favour for your guests can be tough! You want to balance finding something that people will use and enjoy, with an offering that represents you and the unique style of the wedding. Honey Candles has something for everyone. Beeswax candles will be enjoyed by all your guests including those who are mindful of eco-friendly, non-toxic natural products, or those who are sensitive to perfumes. Decorative beeswax candles like Spheres or Roses are a great gift. For a pure, simple light opt for Tealights, Small Candlesticks, or a Votive and Glass Votive Cup.  You can stick with the golden colour of beeswax or choose from one of our coloured beeswax candles to matches your wedding’s theme.


Ceremonial Wedding Candles

Both traditional and modern weddings use candles during the ceremony and vows.  Many ceremonies involve the lighting of a Unity Candle. The couple lights the candle, usually a tall Pillar Candle, together using long Taper Candles to symbolize the two individuals joining into one. In some cases, multiple candles are lit, each symbolizing a different aspect of the new relationship. These candles are left to burn for the remainder of the ceremony. You can trust beeswax to be long burning and with no chemical additives, they are safe to burn in the presence of your family and friends.


Wedding Party Gifts

The gifts you give your wedding party hold a special meaning. You’ve asked your closest friends and family to stand by your side on one of the most important days of your life. Naturally, you want to show them how thankful you are for their help, support and love. Using candles with touching messages such as ‘Thank you for adding light to my life’ or ‘Thanks for brightening my wedding day’ is a great way to express your gratitude with a thoughtful but consumable gift. Candle Packs or long burning pillars make perfect gifts, or you can hand choose a Honey Candle that best suits each member of your wedding party.


A gift to the happy couple

If you aren’t planning a wedding but rather attending, candles still make a great, low waste, gift! They are a wonderful way to help the newlyweds continue to celebrate and cherish their love. You can assign meaning to the gift by including suggestion for how the candles be used. For example, you can gift the bride and groom 3 pairs of tapers, coupled with 3 bottles of wine and encourage them to celebrate their first 3 anniversaries with a candlelit dinner and a glass of wine. By assigning meaning to the gift you have not only given them something tangible, but also a wonderful tradition for celebrating their anniversary.


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