Beeswax Candles in Colors of the Rainbow

Beeswax Candles in Colors of the Rainbow

rainbow colored beeswax candlesRainbows form when water droplets disburse white sunlight into seven colors of the light spectrum in this order red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Rainbows can only be seen if the sun is behind you and the rain is in front of you. 

Did you know many Honey Candles® beeswax candles are available in the colors of the rainbow? Honey Candles has an extensive line and we hope to have a beeswax candle and color for almost every occasion.

You can find red beeswax candles on our website as votives, tealights, three sizes of pillars, Fluted Spheres and beeswax taper pairs. You can also find Red as part of our Royal birthday and Gala candle packages, our Royal Hanukkah packages, our Chakra candlestick packages and tealight rolls, Rose Bouquets and Vibrant Lotus floating beeswax candle packages.

Orange is our Tangerine. We have votives, three sizes of pillars, taper pairs, Fluted Spheres and taper pairs in Tangerine. You will also find Tangerine beeswax candles in all the same packages as the Red listed above except the Rose Bouquet.

Our Natural beeswax with beeswax with no color at all is yellow. The color of natural beeswax may vary, why? Because it is a natural product. All our candles are available in Natural. To find out why the color varies you might enjoy this blog:

In our beeswax rainbow, green is Honey Candles® Mountain Jade. Mountain Jade is available in the same candle styles and all the packages as Red as well as the Pastel Gala and beeswax birthday candles, but it is not in the Rose Bouquet. You will find Mountain Jade in the Hopeful Lotus beeswax floating candle package.

rainbow colored beeswax candlesBlue 
Glacier Teal best fills the blue in the rainbow. We have our rainbow colors throughout our beeswax candles and where you find Mountain Jade you will find Glacier Teal, specifically look for Glacier Teal in the Tranquil Lotus beeswax floating candle package.

Indigo is Honey Candles® Blue. Blue beeswax candles are found in all the usual colored beeswax candle styles and packages but not the Rose Bouquet or any of the floating beeswax candles.Violet Violet is simply our Violet. We make votives, three sizes of pillars, taper pairs, decorative beeswax Fluted Spheres and taper pairs in 

Violet is in the Vibrant Lotus beeswax floating candle package and as part of the Chakra Candlesticks and Tealight rolls.

We have spent years working with enviro-dyes and developing our colors. They have changed somewhat in that time and now all the colors of the rainbow at Honey Candles are REACH compliant. It’s important to us that you know, beeswax Honey Candles are hand made in Canada with 100% pure beeswax from Western Canada!

Here’s a reminder, next time you see a double rainbow check the colors of the second rainbow. Did you know the colors of second rainbow are always in reverse order? 

Photos by Gillian Anderson
Published By Pat Cattermole

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