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Beeswax Candles in a Winter Wonderland

beeswax pillar candlesWe are seeing an increase in sales of beeswax candles in our beautiful winter colors such as Spring Crocus, Violet, Glacier Teal, Blue and Pearl.  Maybe it is for Christmas - is red and green just not your style? Are you looking for ways to make your home festive but not specifically Christmassy? Try some beautiful pillars in some of our not so traditional Christmas colors. Put your beeswax pillars on a coffee table or have a selection on the mantle.

beeswax candles12 inch taper dinner candles in winter colors will give your home the glow of beeswax in the long winter months ahead, even after the holidays are over.  We’ve seen some fantastic photos from customers of Natural and Pearl with evergreen decorations often as a table centerpiece.  

Here's something to look forward to - floating beeswax candles shaped like lotus flowers. This is an example in Glacier Teal. You will find that we have many colors.  They will be beeswax floating candlesin sets of three, boxed for gift giving. You will find these in our Enlighten Line section on our website in the next month. Can’t you see these at a winter wedding?

If you are looking for ways to decorate for celebrations throughout the winter think outside the box, get creative. Celebrate a winter birthday with beeswax birthday candles or 6 inch Gala candles in winter colors. Maybe you are just trying to get through those dark cold winter nights and are hoping to create some Hygge.  However you arrange your winter beeswax candles we’d love to hear about your creations.

Honey Candles® beeswax candles are made in Canada from 100% pure Canadian beeswax. We believe in making our candles only with pure beeswax – our candle wax is not blended – so you can expect only the best from us!

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