Make Beeswax Candles Part of Your Story

Make Beeswax Candles Part of Your Story

Did you have a teacher in school that in an effort to get the class writing would put up three or four photos on the front board and expect you to pick one and write a story based on what was happening in the photo? I remember having that happen a couple times. The teacher was trying to give us some ideas to get us started.

When Marlie brought her amazing photos into the office from a week-end photo shoot last summer I went through them and I saw a story unfolding. I'm sure when you have a look at these photos you will see what I mean. Think about the story that you would write.

When you look at these whimsical rock stairs winding down through the grass, decorated with flowers in vases, illuminated with beeswax votives you have to ask yourself. What is happening here? Is this the entrance to a small garden party? Perhaps it’s an intimate dinner in the garden. Maybe it’s a wedding or maybe this is the night of the big proposal. Whatever is about to happen beeswax candles used liberally has made this scene very special and very romantic. They have created ambience!

Let’s take another photo amongst this group. Marlie has such a great eye when she’s taking photos don’t you think?  The rock stairs are leading here. This photo supports the dinner garden party idea but perhaps the party size is getting smaller. It could be a garden party for a few people but I think this photo is pushing towards the romantic and I would guess there are two place settings. More likely an intimate dinner. There appears to be candles in the holders, beautiful flowers nicely arranged and the daylight is fading. I think there is a story here!

Here’s the last photo! Sooo…if you were writing this story how would it go? How would you end it?

Photos by Marlie Marchewka

Published By Pat Cattermole

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