Beeswax candles - simple and oh so elegant...

Beeswax candles - simple and oh so elegant...

beeswax candles elegant

It’s not spring yet but you want to brighten things up.  Depending on where you live it might be awhile before you see the green out your front door. If you need to accept more days indoors get creative and get into the art of beeswax candle arrangement.  Bring out your elegant candleholders and make a bouquet. If you wish you can choose a blend of colored and natural beeswax Honey Candles®.  Mix Tealights, Votives, TapersPillars or some beautiful ornamentals.  Don’t arrange them too close together as beeswax burns hot and the heat from a beeswax candle can affect how another burns.  I found that out by having pillars too close together.  It caused the side of a pillar to burn through. But with some experimentation you can create a stunning arrangement of 100% pure beeswax candles to make the dark days brighter until the green grass starts to replace the white snow and the sun shine returns again.

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