Beeswax Candles - Spring Mountain Jade Returns

Beeswax Candles - Spring Mountain Jade Returns

beeswax taper candlesLook at the Honey Candles® beeswax Mountain Jade Tapers in this photo. You will notice that one pair of these candles is not like the others. That is because they are the old Honey Candles® Mountain Jade. Let me tell you about the color change that is happening this spring.

In 2010 Honey Candles decided to introduce two new colors – Mountain Jade and Spring Crocus. They were light and bright and we were thrilled to have two colors we could use to celebrate spring!  In recent years the enviro-dye that we have used to make Mountain Jade has changed and you may have noticed your Mountain Jade looking bluer. Check out the taper pair, 2nd from the right to see what I mean. We decided to take Mountain Jade back closer to its original color and we have lightened it up and made it greener again.  We have taken Mountain Jade back to what we originally intended it to be. This spring you will see your beeswax candles in Mountain Jade lighter and brighter – just like we hope your spring will be. See them at our on-line store. Mountain Jade is available as pillars, votives, Fluted Spheres and taper pairs.

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