Beeswax Candles - You Don't Have to Sacrifice Quality or Beauty

Beeswax Candles - You Don't Have to Sacrifice Quality or Beauty

Mar 09, 2017 By Pat Cattermole
beeswax pillar candleWe did an exercise recently in the Honey Candles office.  Why do we make beeswax candles? Here is the statement that came out of that.

At Honey Candles, we believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality and beauty to have natural products.
  • You can have a pure, natural candle that looks beautiful and burns bright 
  • You can enjoy your candle knowing that it is a renewable, sustainable product with no chemical processing  
  • You can support a small family owned business and still have access to plenty of information and knowledgeable customer service 
  • You can choose from our large variety of handmade products to find just the right ones to suit your personal style
  • You can take pleasure in rich, modern colors without adding harmful toxins to your home environment
  • You can surround yourself with soothing, comforting aromas derived only from 100% essential oils, knowing absolutely no synthetic fragrances or chemical throw agents are used
With Honey Candles you really can Experience.Pure.Elegance.

Honey Candles® 100% pure beeswax candles are made in the mountains near Kaslo BC Canada from all Canadian beeswax. We always strive to be a distinguished product of Canada.

Available at a local store near you or our on-line store.

Photo by Marlie Marchewka
Published By Pat Cattermole
I had the good fortune to be hired at Honey Candles in the fall of 2004. Experience managing a small rural printing business and 15 years as an elected public school trustee has been a benefit as Honey Candles moves through the need for flexibility and the demands of rapidly changing natural products marketing. I am the Sales Manager and most likely to be the one answering the phone when you call. Social Media and blogging for Honey Candles has been a recent addition to my list of skills.

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