Beeswax Chakra Candles - Tealights and Candlesticks

Beeswax Chakra Candles - Tealights and Candlesticks

beeswax chakra tealights

We like to be able to respond to customer requests. It isn’t always possible but when we can find a way to make a request materialize for our customers we love it! After hearing that many of you had a beeswax tealight in all the chakra colors on your ‘wish list’ we made it happen.  Honey Candles® now has a package of 8 tealights in the 7 chakra colors (red, orange, yellow (natural beeswax), green, blue, indigo and violet) with an additional white tealight.  

It went a step beyond the original request and now there are hand dipped chakra 6 inch candlesticks in a box of 42. This will include 6 of each of the aforementioned 7 chakra colors. Whether you prefer the tealights or our tiny candlesticks in chakra colors we are sure our beeswax chakra candles will enrich your yoga and meditation.

Your chakra beeswax candles will have all the benefits of other Honey Candles:
  • They are non-toxic
  • They are naturally long burning without additives
  • They are virtually dripless in a draft free environment
  • When properly maintained beeswax candles burn cleanly with no sticky, black petroleum based soot
  • They have a warm glow often compared to sunlight 
  • The do not go rancid like soy or palm wax candles will sometimes
  • They help us to unwind, some say burning a pure beeswax candle just before bed helps to achieve a more restful sleep

As are all Honey Candles beeswax candles, our chakra candles are made of 100% pure beeswax from Western Canada in our shop in Kaslo BC - a true product of Canada. We believe you will want to make Honey Candles® beeswax chakra candles a part of your meditation and yoga routine.  We call this our ‘Enlighten’ line and you can find both the chakra tealights and candlesticks at this link.
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