Honey Candles' pure beeswax column candle burning on a black iron candle holder laid on a coffee table with a chair in the background

Beeswax Column Candles

It’s interesting to me that if you ask several experienced Honey Candles® beeswax candle burners which is the candle that they most enjoy burning many of them will say a 6 inch Column. There are many virtues to a Column that may surprise you if this isn’t your go-to candle already.

Columns are 1 ½ inches wide but they are considered a candlestick. This means they will accommodate a short burn time for something like a brief 10 minute power outage. If you need a candle to burn longer a Column will burn 20 to 25 hours. It is very versatile. It has all the advantages of a candlestick without the fussiness. They are less prone to dripping than say a beeswax Taper. They do however, have similar qualities to a beeswax Pillar. They have a nice bright flame and they are a substantial candle.  But you will be happy to know that unlike our Pillars you do not have to burn the Column for three hours at a time, because it is a candlestick.

If our customers have any hesitation about burning Honey Candles Columns it is likely that they aren’t sure about the right holder for them. The perfect holder is a spiked pillar plate as shown in the photograph. You can slide the spike next to the wick carefully so it isn’t damaged. You can get a very thorough burn then.

This blog shows another spiked pillar plate that works well for Honey Candles® Columns: 

If you can’t find a spiked pillar plate a tealight holder with a very heavy base may suffice.  One of our staff members has been having fun with a lathe and making spindle type beeswax holders that can hold a tealight or a column. If I can’t lay my hands on the perfect holder I have been known to sink it into a bowl of sand. I am one of those experienced beeswax candle burners who love Honey Candles® 6 inch Columns. I hope I’ve convinced you to give it a try. 

Photo by Jill Anderson
Published By Pat Cattermole

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