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Beeswax Number Candles are for More than just Birthdays

When we think of Honey Candles newest product, pure beeswax Number Candles, naturally, birthdays are the first thing that springs into our minds. Visions of birthday cakes, balloons and streamers flood our thoughts... but what about other celebrations? There are an endless number of events worth celebrating in our lives so don’t limit the excitement to Birthdays! We will explore 5 uses for handmade Number Candles beyond the classic Birthday Party.

1. Anniversaries
Anniversaries of all kinds are cause for celebration! Whether you tied the knot a year before or reached the decade milestone at work, pure beeswax number candles give your special day a special touch.  You may also have a personal anniversary that goes beyond the traditional, such as a personal achievement or special memory. Don’t be afraid to stray from the status quo and celebrate the things that matter most to you. 

2. Baby showers
If you are expecting, or recently had a baby chances are your family and friends will be looking to throw you a baby shower! For a different twist on Number Candles, you can light candles of the year your baby was (or will be) born. The photos of you blowing out your beeswax candles will be a great memory for years to come, and because our Number Candles are non-toxic and completely natural, you don’t have to worry if the little siblings or friends want to lick the icing of the candles!

3. Weddings
From the iconic cutting of the cake to the messy smashing of the cake on your partners face, there is no shortage of classic wedding traditions that center around the cake. Surprisingly, the iconic cake candles have rarely been apart of wedding celebrations. If you love handmade beeswax candles or you simply want to have your own unique wedding celebration, top your wedding cake with Number Candles for your partner and yourself to blow out – and create iconic photos that highlight the year of your wedding and make a wish together!

4. Graduations
Graduations of all varieties signify the culmination of years of hard work and the beginnings of new chapters – both things worth celebrating! All natural Number Candles at your graduation party will showcase the significance of your graduation year and stand out in photo albums for years to come. Not to mention, they’ll match your grad tassel! 

5. New homes
In our lives many years will mark significant times and milestones for all of us, but there are other numbers that mean a lot to us. A new house can mean many things to many people; the first place you strike out on your own, a new home for your growing family, or the beginning of a new blissful chapter of retirement. For a completely different angle on pure beeswax Number Candles celebrate your new home with candles that reflect your new address!

Try Number Candles at your next celebration and send us your photos!
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