pure Beeswax Number Candles on cupcakes

Beeswax Number Candles are Here!

beeswax birthday cake candle numbersWe are excited to announce the newest addition to Honey Candles pure beeswax selection; natural Number Candles! The digits 0-9 feature natural beeswax and playful patterns. Each number is carefully hand-poured and gently placed in its plastic-free kraft cardboard packaging. In addition to their eco-friendly packaging Honey Candles® beeswax Number Candles also include lead and zinc free wicks, and like all of our bees wax candles they are free of additives and solvents.

The new Number Candles are, of course, perfect for birthday parties, but it doesn’t end there! Number Candles can be used to celebrate wedding or dating anniversaries, New Year’s, work anniversaries, graduations, and even as table numbers. You can feel comfortable burning these candles around your children, family, and friends, knowing they are non-toxic and safe to burn. The beautiful amber glow will illuminate your cakes or cupcakes and give you gorgeous photos or your celebration. 

Try out our Number Candles at your next special event and share the pictures of your big day with us!
Photos by Nicola Hum
Published By Nicola Hum

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