Beeswax Candles for the Holidays - make them Ornamentals

Beeswax Candles for the Holidays - make them Ornamentals

beeswax decorative christmas candleIf you have been thinking of trying Honey Candles® Ornamentals this Christmas might be the time! We have three elegant designs including the Ponderosa Pine Cone, the Fluted Sphere and the Yule Tree. All three are available in popular Natural beeswax. The Fluted Sphere is also available in all the traditional Christmas colors of Burgundy, Green and White. The Yule Tree is in Green and White.

A beeswax Honey Candles® Yule Tree will set off any decorative holiday arrangement you might put together. I love this little Green Yule Tree on my daughter’s fireplace mantle. The Yule Tree is one of my favorite Honey Candles for Christmas. It is so special and Christmasy. It is usually all burned up after a few evenings of burning and I can move on to a fresh look for the New Year!

beeswax decorative candleIt is important to know that the Yule Tree has varying diameters and you may need to extinguish the flame when the melt pool gets too close to the edge. Let the wax cool and relight.

Always place Ornamentals on a pillar plate. This Ponderosa Pine Cone gives a decorative touch here but needs to be placed on a pillar plate before light up. Due to the intricate design of our ornamental candles you may find they need extra care. For example the petals of the Ponderosa Pine Cone may fall onto your pillar plate. You can slowly feed the fallen wax back into the candle.

One of the most intriguing Ornamentals is the Fluted Sphere. They are a beautiful addition to almost any candlescape. You can burn them in combination with other beeswax Honey Candles, one by itself or two or three in an exquisite display. You can mix or match colors. Of the Honey Candles® Ornamentals the Fluted Sphere has the most color options.

Something I find wonderful about a Fluted Sphere is that if it is burned with its wick kept perfectly centered it will slowly burn down into the center leaving the flutes intact for the candlelight to shine through. If all goes perfectly, the sphere burns down until it has burned through the flutes and then separates into what appears to be hands. I have seen it but a few times burn so perfectly but it is quite wonderful when it happens. If you decide to burn more than one beeswax candle be sure you leave sufficient space between them. Beeswax burns very hot and the heat from the candles around them can affect how quickly the wax softens on all the candles. If a candle is too close to another it can cause the side to blow out and spill wax. This is especially important for the Fluted Spheres. An important tip about burning Fluted Spheres – keep the wick centered and straight because heat directed at part of the wall of the sphere can cause it to burn through as well.

Be sure to enjoy Honey Candles® beeswax Ornamentals this Christmas. Elegant and handmade in Canada of 100% pure Canadian beeswax - they are sure to please!

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