Best Beeswax Candlesticks

Best Beeswax Candlesticks

Candlesticks come in a variety of sizes, that can be used for an abundance of occasions. Candlesticks are great candles for those who like to burn in short increments and can be used for anything from peaceful meditation to a relaxing candlelit dinner.  Pure beeswax varieties of candlesticks have superior burn times. Honey Candles candlesticks are 100% pure beeswax with no additives and clean burning cotton wicks free from lead and zinc. When it comes to burning your Honey Candles candlesticks, follow these simple steps  


Getting Your Candlestick Ready

Before lighting your pure beeswax Candlestick, ensure you have an appropriate holder for your chosen candlestick. Tapers and Bases are typically burned in taper holders, which should snuggly fit your candle so it is secure and remains straight up and down. Not all taper holds are exactly the same size and you may find your Honey Candle is a bit too big. The great thing about beeswax, is unlike other waxes it is soft and pliable so you can shave it down without it crumbling and cracking. Spike plates also work great for burning all natural beeswax candlesticks such as Tubes and Columns. When it comes to burning smaller varieties like Chakra Candlesticks or Galas, a glass container such as a votive cup filled with sand or salt works perfectly to hold your candle snuggly.

Lighting your Candlestick

Once you have a suitable holder use scissors or a wick trimmer to cut the beeswax candle’s wick to no shorter than ½ inch. Once you place your Honey Candle in a safe, draft free environment your all natural beeswax Candlestick is ready to light. Simply hold your flame at the base of the wick to encourage the wax to begin burning and give your candle a strong start.

Maintaining you Candlestick

Now its time to enjoy the gentle honey aroma and amber glow of your Honey Candle. If you find your candlestick is dripping, ensure that the area is a free from drafts as possible. As the candlestick continues to burn you may notice a small, black, mushroom-like cap form on the wick which may cause the flame to flicker or smoke slightly. If this happens simply extinguish the flame and use small scissors or a wick trimmer to remove the cap and then relight the flame.

Extinguishing your Candlestick

When you are ready to extinguish your candlestick it is often tempting to blow the candle out. While this is common, it can cause the wax to splatter and the flame to smoke. For a smoke-free experience use a wick snuffer to put out the flame.

Choosing the perfect Candlestick

There are so many varieties of candlesticks that it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Taper candles are a classic for dinner parties and also provide great height for décor. Honey Candles Tapers come in classic natural or our wide variety of non-toxic coloured options. Tubes and Bases are great go to candles for any occasion. They are economical and long burning making them great for any occasion. Columns are another incredibly versatile candlestick and their larger diameter gives them a longer burn and a larger flame that is more resistant to drafts and require very little maintenance. For smaller options the Chakra enlighten line and Gala candles are great if you are looking for a shorter burn and they are perfect for meditation and yoga.

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