Best Beeswax Pillar Candles

Best Beeswax Pillar Candles

Pillar candles are a classic staple of any candle collection. Their size gives them a striking appearance making them great candles for decor, while also giving them a long burn time for hours upon hours of enjoyment. If you are a conscious consumer looking for an environmentally friendly candle wax, beeswax pillar candles are your best option.

Pure beeswax is a high value raw material, so you will find that Pillars made from beeswax cost a premium price. If you are choosing to pay for beeswax candles we recommend that you are mindful of companies that use terms such as “beeswax blend” or “beeswax enhanced”. You can rest assured that Honey Candles are always made with 100% pure Canadian beeswax.

When it comes to burning pure beeswax pillars there are simple steps you can take to ensure you optimize your candle burning experience and get the most out of your candle.

Light your Natural Pillar at the base of the wick, not the tip. This will help the wax to begin to melt and give your flame more immediate strength. Keep in mind that pillars should be burned for long increments to prevent tunneling or a hole down the middle of the candle.

As your pillar burns, a wax pool will form, working it’s way towards the edge of the candle. When the pool approaches the candle’s edge, gently press or fold the edges in. This helps the beeswax burn right to the perimeter without tunnelling while also preventing too large of a mantel which can reduce oxygen to the flame causing it to flicker and smoke.

As your candle burns, you may notice a small black carbon cap that resembles a mushroom develop on your wick. When this happens simply extinguish the flame, trim the cotton wick to no less than ¼ inch using a wick trimmer or small scissors and relight. When you are ready to extinguish your candle for the day the best practice is to use a wick dipper or other non-flammable object such as a straightened paper clip, to gently push the wick into the wax pool and restraighten it for easy lighting the next time.

Now that you know the top tips for Pillar burning the only thing left is picking the perfect pillar for you.

Honey Candles pure beeswax pillars come in three heights and a rainbow of non-toxic colour options. You can also find Honey Candles all-natural pillars in round, square and heritage drip varieties. Every one of our candles is made from natural beeswax and we only use lead and zinc free wicks meaning you can burn Honey Candles day after day without worry.

For more candle burning and care tips explore of Learn pages.

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