Best Beeswax Votive Candles

Best Beeswax Votive Candles

The versatile pure beeswax Votive Candle is a great go-to candle for a variety of occasions. This mid-sized candle is unique in that it is designed to fully liquify when burned, meaning it must always be burned in a snug-fitting glass cup. The liquified pure beeswax gives a distinct illumination through the glass that is exclusive to votives. Through our many years of burning Votives we have discovered some best practices that can help improve your burning experience and ensure you get the most out of your beeswax votive.

Getting Your Votive Ready
We already mentioned it, but it always bears repeating that the number one rule of burning votives is to ensure you are burning them in a snug-fitting glass cup. The glass cup contains the beeswax as it melts and prevents it from spilling, while giving off a beautiful amber glow. For a simplified clean up later place a bit of coarse salt in the bottom of the glass cup – this allows for easy removal of the metal votive tab that holds the wick in place.

Lighting your Votive
Once your all natural beeswax votive is in place in its votive cup you are ready to light it. Unlike some other candles, votive wicks do not need to be trimmed before lighting. Simply straighten the wick and hold the flame from your match or lighter at the base of the wick to help start the wax pool and give your votive a strong start.

Maintaining you Votive
Once your candle is lit enjoy the mesmerizing transformation as your votive wax becomes liquid and beautifully illuminates the space around it. Typically, votives require very little maintenance while they are being burned but if you find your flame is flickering or smoking in a draft-free environment you may need to extinguish the candle, use small scissors or a wick trimmer to trim it to no less than ¼” and relight.

Extinguishing your Votive
When it comes to extinguishing your pure beeswax votive it is best to avoid blowing them out as this can cause the wick to smoke. The best way to extinguish your votive is to use a wick dipper or wick snuffer for a smokeless experience and easy relighting.

Choosing the perfect votive
Honey Candles pure beeswax votives come in a variety of options but they are all made from 100% pure Canadian beeswax with cotton wicks and no additives or toxins. You can find Honey Candles votives in classic round natural or the unique hex style votive. Or you can choose from our wide array of non-toxic, clean burning coloured votives. We also offer beeswax votives that are lightly scented with pure essential oils. Honey Candles Votives are available at a discount if you order a case pack, so stock up and enjoy hours and hours of their gentle honey aroma and soft amber glow.

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