Best Beeswax Yoga and Meditation Candles

Best Beeswax Yoga and Meditation Candles

When it comes to enjoying the peace of yoga and mediation, you want to be sure every part of the experience is healthy for both your mind and body. If you enjoy burning candles during your session, the purest option is beeswax. Beeswax candles are completely natural and clean burning, so you can focus on your breath or finding your centre without any worry about inhaling toxic chemicals. Honey Candles carries a variety of pure beeswax candles for yoga and meditation and we have some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your burning experience.

Choosing the perfect Yoga and Meditation Candle

We craft our pure Canadian beeswax candles in many different shapes, sizes and colours so you can pick the ones that best suit you and your yoga and meditation needs. Honey Candles Gala Candles were originally designed as a tall cake candle, but they are also a perfect yoga candle. These candles burn for approximately 45 minutes, allowing you to disconnect from the technology and revisit a simpler time where your candle serves as your clock. Galas can be found in natural, pastel and royal options, all of which are free from harmful chemicals. For a longer meditation the Enlighten line of Chakra candles are the perfect pairing. Chakra candles come in each Chakra colour, perfect for enhancing your spiritual experience. The Chakra Candlesticks are slightly larger than the Galas, giving them a burn time of 60-70 minutes. The Chakra Tealights are great for longer periods as they burn for 4-5 hours. For a beeswax candle that you can burn across multiple sessions, Votives are perfect.


Getting Your Beeswax Candles Ready

Once you have chosen the perfect beeswax candle it’s time to choose the right holder. For Galas and Chakra Candlesticks the simplest way to burn them is by placing sand or salt in a glass votive cup or similar holder and pressing the candle into the sand, ensuring that it stands straight up and down. Chakra tealights come in a cup that can be used as is or be placed into a decorative tealight holder. Votives fully liquefy and must be burned in a snug fitting glass cup.


Lighting and Extinguishing your Beeswax Candles

Once you have an appropriate holder, light your candle at the base of the wick to encourage the wax to begin burning. Now you are ready to begin your yoga and mediation. These candles require very little maintenance so you can focus on your session. If you do notice that your candle is flickering or smoking in a draft-free environment, simply extinguish it, use a wick trimmer or small scissors to trim the wick and relight.  When your session is over, if you find your candle still burning use a wick snuffer to ensure a smokeless extinguishing experience.



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