Best Candles for a Power Failure

Best Candles for a Power Failure

Living in rural Canada has its perks:

  • The backcountry is literally our backyard
  • We don’t get stuck in traffic 
  • We rarely wait in line
  • And the views? - to die for!

But, this year we've seen our fair share of winter storms, often leading to power outages in the area. We always do our best to make the most of the time without electricity.

In some ways it’s a nice reminder to slow down; maybe pay a visit to your neighbor or friend who happens to heat their home with a wood stove (and runs a generator if you’re lucky), and I’ll never complain about spending a snow-day morning getting some cuddles in with my three year old nephew. My mom’s house is the place to go when I'm ready to lose at backgammon or rummy and her gas stove top comes in handy when we need a caffeine fix (or dinner!).  

Winter days are short and the dark starts creeping in around 4:00 so we always make sure to have a good supply of beeswax candles on hand to light up our evenings.

Our favorite candles for Power Outages are:

Columns are perfect for creating a lot of light. Candlesticks in general also make sense when you’re confident it’s just a glitch and will come back on before long.

Once you realize that you’re in for the long haul Pillars or Votives are the way to go. Low maintenance and sturdy, they offer the best value for money when it comes to burn time. 

Maybe it’s day two and you’re tired of eating cereal. The handy straps that come with the Emergency Tin are great for warming tinned food.

Avoid moving burning candles by placing Tealights in the hallway and the bathroom.

Pro tip - place candles in front of a mirror for added illumination!

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Please NEVER leave a burning candle un-attended!
Here in the South, we use kerosene lanterns more than candles and don’t leave them un-attended

Tommy Lofton

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