Bloom' on Beeswax Candles Is a Good Thing

Bloom' on Beeswax Candles Is a Good Thing

Not everyone knows that ’bloom’ on beeswax candles is a good thing. As a matter of fact we had a store return candles once because they thought something was wrong. So I am setting out to educate beeswax sellers and users that when they find their beeswax candles have ‘bloomed’ that it is a positive thing.

Firstly, only 100% pure beeswax candles will ‘bloom’. Beeswax candles seem to ‘bloom’ more when the candles have been subjected to many temperature changes. If you prefer your beeswax candles polished and shiny then just wipe the bloom off with a soft cloth. It will come back however, possibly in a matter of days. That is the nature of pure natural beeswax. I want to go back to the important opening statement in this paragraph. Only 100% pure beeswax will ‘bloom’ and all 100% pure beeswax does ‘bloom’. If you find ‘beeswax’ that does not bloom suspect that it is not 100% pure beeswax and is blended with paraffinsoy or palm wax.

bloom on beeswax candlesA fully ‘bloomed’ beeswax candle may not look the way you might think it should. I recently wrote a blog and used four colored votives to show holiday votive holders. Three of them were newer and the fourth was a much older beeswax Forest Green votive. I happen to love a very ‘bloomed’ beeswax candle.  As the beeswax candle ages at some point it appears to have snowflakes scattered over it. The frosting gives it a rich look. I have a photo of how this votive looked originally and even this ‘bloom’ lover knew this wasn’t going to work next to the three freshly poured votives. 

bloom on beeswax candlesSo I took a soft cloth (a chunk of old nylon panty hose is perfect) and polished it. In no time I had a votive that looked fresh like it had been recently poured and it didn't take a lot of work. You can see the result here. It’s as simple as that. You can also take a hairdryer and blow warm air on the votive and the bloom will disappear. I've been told by a reliable source (my boss) that you can run hot water over it and wipe the candle dry. A consideration is the possibility of getting the wick wet and you either have to protect it or wait for it to dry.

Here are the four beeswax votives and now they look like they belong together. The important things to remember:

  • 100% pure beeswax blooms
  • Suspect that it is not pure beeswax if your beeswax does not bloom

Experience pure elegance! Enjoy your beeswax votives this holiday season ‘bloomed’ or freshly polished. Honey Candles® Votives are handpoured in Canada and are made of pure Canadian beeswax. Find them at our on-line store.

Published By Pat Cattermole


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Hi! I have a 5 pound bag of organic, raw, filtered, Canadian beeswax that’s been in storage for possibly 2 years. My intention has been to use it for candles but I did also try a small amount in a batch of soap once. I’m finally in the process of setting up a new soap room and was able to get a good look at the beeswax today. It looks odd! I Googled and read about bloom. I also posted on a soap group I belong to, asking if anyone has experienced BLOOM. Now I’m getting all kinds of advise to boil it, strain it, don’t use it, etc. But no one has actually said if they’ve experienced bloom, lol. Is there any chance I could send you a picture or two? And you could let me know if it’s bloom? I’d so very much appreciate it!


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