Beeswax Honey Candles ®  in Stunning Candleholders!

Beeswax Honey Candles ® in Stunning Candleholders!

Brighten your evenings and show your love for your pure beeswax Honey Candles®.  Be sure that they are in the right candleholder.  It can pretty or plain but to burn your Honey Candles® pure beeswax Pillars safely you need a heat resistant Pillar Plate either glass or metal.  It should be large enough to compensate for burning errors.  If you don’t trim the wick properly and heaven forbid you have a blow out on the side it is nice if the pillar plate is big enough to catch the running wax.

Honey Candles® pure beeswax Tealights are best burned inside another Tealight Holder for that purpose even if they are in the cup they come in.  Or you can burn it inside the original cup on a non-flammable surface.  We don’t expect any problems with our Tealights but when you are using fire it’s best to be safe. The beautiful Tulip Holders in the photo are great for burning Tealights! Another of my favorites is this glass cat tealight holder. It was a special housewarming gift. Doesn't it make you feel cozy? Perfect for the cat lover in your life.

Remember Honey Candles® pure beeswax Votives must be burned in a Votive Cup that fits snuggly. Votives need to completely liquefy to burn properly. There are many votive cups that work well for beeswax votives as long as they fit well. My sister sent this photo of her beautiful tulip votive holders. Gorgeous!

Last year Sonia bought a case of 9 inch Base pure natural beeswax Honey Candles®.  She called me to say she loves them because they have a taper at the bottom.  That means they can slip into smaller than usual candlestick holders and hold firm.  She says it is perfect if you have odd sized antique candleholders.  Versatile 9 inch Bases are one of our most popular candles because very few beeswax companies make anything like them.

We enjoy hearing from our customers.  We especially love to receive photos of your special candles and holders. If you have a story or photo you’d like to share about your experience with Honey Candles® please e-mail us at

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