Bulk Beeswax Honey Candles to Lighten your Footprint

Bulk Beeswax Honey Candles to Lighten your Footprint

The Conference Board of Canada recently determined Canada produces more garbage per capita than any other country in the world. As we are a Canadian manufacturer this is not something Honey Candles is proud of.

beeswax candles with environmentally friendly packagingWe have always maintained that our bulk beeswax candles are an extremely eco-friendly option. We have minimal packaging as we don’t want there to be much to throw away. Our labels have the required information of course but our packaging is only what we need to send the candles to you so they arrive safely. Even our packing material is often reused paper headed for the recycle bin. Our priority is to reuse what we can before we recycle it. When you get it you can reuse it again or recycle it. And of course our manufactured boxes and paper are recycled paper fibre and come from the Pacific Northwest or Canada. That means less energy is used in shipping and jobs stay in North America. Our beeswax candles are handmade right here in our shop in Kaslo BC Canada.

beeswax candles with environmentally friendly packagingWe feel really good about Honey Candles® bulk beeswax candles knowing that by providing this option we are supplying a premium quality product without the frills of a fancy printed little box for indivdual candles. When you buy a bulk beeswax candle you are just paying for the candle. In most cases those fancy little boxes add cost to your candles and are manufactured in Asia so you aren’t even supporting jobs in North America by buying them. If they are cardboard they can certainly be recycled but do you really need them?

REDUCE your waste by choosing bulk beeswax candles dispensed in a simple attractive Point of Purchase display box or a permanent wooden display like ours instead of fancy packaging.

To see our bulk beeswax candles go to the Honey Candles on-line store!

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