Burn Natural Beeswax Honey Candles® with Extra 'Assurance'

Burn Natural Beeswax Honey Candles® with Extra 'Assurance'

We know that our natural beeswax candles are virtually dripless in the ideal burning environment.  It is important to remember not to burn them near drafts. Because they have no artificial additives or hardeners a draft may make them drip. We’ve all been told to never leave burning candles unattended. However, we know sometimes things happen to distract us. There may be a time when food is cooking on the stove and it starts to burn or a child needs a minute to have you help them with their homework. These are moments when your attention may be pulled away from candle care.

We want your experience of burning our natural beeswax candles to be enjoyable and not a source of stress. We don’t want you to feel you can’t enjoy them which would result in you depriving yourself of the many benefits of burning beeswax candles.  There are things that you can do to give yourself a little breathing room so that if something does happen you are prepared. If you are burning tapered candles you can make sure there are no open windows or fans on. You can also slip a plate under the candle holder or place a bobeche on each of the tapers to catch any accidents that might occur if someone rushes past your burning candles. Yes, even the breeze created by someone running by your candles is a ‘draft’.

My favorite candle burning ‘assurance’ is to burn my beeswax candles on a big brass oval tray. It protects my wooden table perfectly. It ensures that if I’m not paying attention and my pillar burns through the side and the pillar plate doesn’t hold all the flowing wax that it doesn’t pour all over a tablecloth, or onto the wooden table or floor. Seen here in the photo I use my tray whether I'm burning pillars, candlesticks or even tealights. I have a scattering of candles here but don't be afraid to dress it up with flowers, shells, pretty rocks or some bling.  It's nice to make it special for the holidays. I inherited this tray so I can’t say where to find one just like it but I have seen many beautiful silver, stainless steel or pottery trays that would work just as well. I’ve also seen large pieces of ceramic tile used under candles to protect tables. If you follow our tips for burning pillars it is very unlikely you will ever have problems of them burning through the side but it's always nice to know you have a backup if it happens.

It is very important to keep burning candles away from children and pets. Some common sense and a little ‘assurance’ if there is a little candle spill will keep your natural beeswax candle burning fun and  pleasurable. If you spill candle wax accidentally on your clothing or carpet please go to this link immediately for clothing and carpet first aid. I’ve spilled hot candle wax on my carpet and followed Leah’s instructions using an iron and paper towel and it worked for me. I was grateful she had shared this clean-up information with me.

Please let us know of your favorite ways to make sure you always enjoy your beeswax candles. We’d love to hear!

Published By Pat Cattermole

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