Can Candles Keep You Company?

Can Candles Keep You Company?

There aren’t many décor items that can evoke an emotional response the same way a burning candle does. Candles have a unique meaning to each person depending on their purpose and situation in which they are lit. The common thread is that candles represent light, and energy.

From romantic dinners to candlelit vigils, some of the most emotional moments of our lives are spent in the company of candles. Company seems an appropriate word here as the dancing flame has a life to it that can offer solace during our more somber moments as well as add joy and brightness to our celebrations – is it even a birthday party if there’s no candles on the cake?

Next time you’re home alone, whether you’re catching up on housework or enjoying a quiet moment with a book, try lighting a beeswax candle to keep you company. Chances are it will brighten your day.
Published By Nicola Hum

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