Canadian Made Beeswax Candles - Fluted Spheres in Fall colors

Canadian Made Beeswax Candles - Fluted Spheres in Fall colors

Canadian made decorative candlesLast week-end I took home Honey Candles® beeswax candle Fluted Spheres in two of our new fall colors, Tangerine and Dark Brown. I have been burning them just like I would advise anyone who wanted a perfectly behaved Fluted Sphere beeswax candle.

Beeswax Fluted Spheres are a particularly beautiful and unusual ornamental candle made by Honey Candles®. They only look like a ribbed ball of beeswax until you burn them. You need to burn them to really appreciate their uniqueness.  Just like our pillars you need to keep the wick trimmed to a ¼ inch so the flame doesn’t burn too hot or high. It is also important to keep it nice and straight so it doesn’t burn too much to one side.  If you tend your candle well, as it burns down the outer flutes stay intact, so you can see the flame through the flutes or ribs. It has quite an effect. Be sure to burn your Fluted Sphere on a holder. When Leah in our office saw this photo she thought the flame was still a little high. Leah knows more about burning beeswax candles than anyone else I know, so go with that. You may want the flame just a little lower than this photo, pretty as it is. So be diligent about trimming the wick to a ¼ inch.

Notice that I have considerable space between the Fluted Spheres. A couple inches at least. Burning beeswax candles create heat. Heat can be concentrated where the candles are closest together and soften the wax sometimes even resulting in a blow-out. This can happen with pillars too. You don’t want that. In the photo to the left the Fluted Spheres have just been lit. If the flame is too high this is a good time to trim them again.

beeswax candles made in canadaIn this photo the Dark Brown Fluted Sphere was just trimmed and the Tangerine Fluted Sphere left untrimmed. Notice the ‘mushrooming’ on the untrimmed wick. This wick needs to be trimmed or there will be problems with the flame becoming too high. The heat from a high flame may smoke or flicker. It can also heat the side of the sphere so that it blows out. Then you have a mess and your beautiful Fluted Sphere is not so pretty anymore!

If you maintain your Fluted Sphere(s) they will burn beautifully for you right until the end. And they will last a long time – they burn 15 to 17 hours. Don’t blow out the flame, take a bent paper clip and dunk the wick in the melted wax and then straighten the wick. It is full of beeswax to make the wick light easier next time and having been ‘dunked’ it won’t smoke. We recommend this method of extinguishing for our pillars as well.

Remember to burn Honey Candles® beeswax Fluted Spheres:

  • Trim and maintain your wick at ¼ inch
  • Keep the wick straight
  • Don’t burn them too close together
  • Don’t blow them out, dunk the wick instead

And don't forget. Most of all enjoy your beeswax Fluted Sphere!

Published By Pat Cattermole

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