pure beeswax lotus blossom and tealight candle for a valentines day table

Celebrate an Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air. With Valentine’s Day just two weeks away, there is no shortage of teddy bears holding hearts or red and pink cards to be found at a store near you. While there’s nothing wrong with sticking with the tried and true, cards and teddy bears are often forgotten or discarded shortly after the big day of romance. It can be tempting to write off the entire celebration as a wasteful and materialistic holiday - but, is there anything more worthy of celebration than love? Rather than abandoning Valentine’s Day all together, ditch the non-consumable products that end up in the landfill. Choose to make Valentine’s about the love you share with your significant other and show them how much you care by giving them an experience instead of an item.

This Valentine’s Day bypass the card aisle all together. The stock images and cliché sayings can never compare to your own words. Put pen to paper and write your significant other a note or letter that truly tells them what they mean to you. Using your own words and recycled paper is the perfect way to say an eco-friendly ‘I love you’.

Skip the desperate search for dinner reservations, followed by the crowded restaurant. Instead, set the scene at home. Bring out the good china, set the table, light beeswax tapers, and cook your love their favourite meal. Whether you’re a Master Chef or not, the effort to create a romantic home experience will be appreciated more than reservations at the fanciest restaurant in town ever could.

If you really want to give your significant other a gift this Valentine’s day, opt for a consumable one. Some of the tried and true options can be given an eco-friendly twist. Instead of a box of chocolates, which are typically lined with plastic separators, look for a local bakery or chocolatier where you can find delicious sweets wrapped with paper. Trade in the paraffin candles for pure beeswax, which will not only be more eco-friendly but are also a non-toxic and safe alternative. From tea and wine, to natural soaps and cosmetics - there are plenty of consumable and low waste gifts that are sure to be a hit with your Valentine!

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Published By Nicola Hum

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