A bee on  a yellow flower Celebrate Bee Month with Honey Candles

Celebrate Bee Month with Honey Candles

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May has become an important time of year at Honey Candles. In the past we have celebrated bees and their amazing work and this year we are dedicating the entire month of May to these fabulous pollinators! Bees are an integral part of our ecosystems and they are essential for food security, nutritional food options, healthy agricultural systems, biodiversity and more. 

Bees have faced a variety of threats in recent years including colony collapse. Naturally saving the bees has become an important cause for many. Throughout the month we will have a variety of blogs on bees, their importance, and ways to help bee populations.
Stay tuned each week for blogs on these small wonders and how you can help save the bees!
Did you know?
A single honey bee will typically visit around 7,000 flowers a day, and it takes four million flower visits to produce a kilogram of honey. 
Photo by Pat Cattermole
Published By Nicola Hum

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