Purple, pink and white beeswax Hanukkah and Advent candles set inside a green wreath

Celebrating Hanukkah and Advent with Beeswax Candles

The holiday season is coming up fast. Even faster than usual, with both Hanukkah and Advent beginning on December 2nd this year. At Honey Candles we love to hear from customers who are excited to participate in their various spiritual and religious traditions using our pure beeswax candles. Whether it’s Advent, Hanukkah or any other celebration of faith, it brings us great joy to know that after handcrafting our candles, they will be enjoyed during a time that is so dear to so many people. 

Beeswax Candles Advent

Advent begins on the first Sunday of December and is a religious practice that leads up to Christmas Day. During Advent, 4 or sometimes 5 advent candles, each with special significance, are arranged within a wreath, with 4 in the corners and one candle in the center as shown. The center candle is white while the exterior typically consists of 3 purple or blue candles and one pink candle.  Each week a candle is lit representing  hope, love, joy, peace and Christmas Day. It is an important practice leading up to Christmas for many, and the Advent wreath creates a beautiful focal point for celebration and weekly prayer.

Beeswax Candles Hanukkah Menorah

It is a special year with the first day of Advent and Hanukkah falling on the same day. People from different faiths will both be celebrating in unison. Also called the Festival of Lights, the religious celebration of the 8 days of Hanukkah, features the lighting of a candle each day. A special Hanukkah candle is lit in a Menorah after sunset or nightfall each day. While blue and white are the most common, Hanukkah Candles come in a variety of colors. The celebration of the festival of lights is a sacred and beautiful practice for those celebrating Hanukkah. 

At Honey Candles we love to be a part of your religious and spiritual practices. We are proud to be able to offer a safe and natural alternative for these ceremonies, so that you can focus on your prayers and blessings without any worry of burning toxins or chemicals in your home with your family and friends. We wish you all a wonderful December filled with many moments of reflection!

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