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Celebrating International Women’s Day

With International Women’s Day upon us, we find ourselves reflecting on the incredible women who are apart of our lives and our company.

At Honey Candles our staff consists of over 75% women and we are truly blessed with a group of strong individuals - hard working ladies that put their passion into their work making our candles the quality products that they are.

As women we are often strained by the many responsibilities vying for our time and mental energy.  Family, careers and household upkeep all add to our emotional labour, leaving little time for self care. With more responsibility to balance than ever, we know it is important to commit to setting time aside for your own health and wellness.  It’s hard not to see the massage appointment, visit to the gym or yoga studio as just another chore in a long list of the day’s to-dos.  So try to remember how much enjoyment and rejuvenation come from your nature walk, lakeshore paddle or visit to the sauna.  And remember how you feel afterwards, how much happier and more productive, patient and calm we are with a little self care.

Behind all of us, are the ladies who influenced us and paved the way; our sisters, mothers, grandmothers and heroes. International women’s day is the time to honor the incredible women who came before us.  This International Women’s Day we encourage you also to give - give support to each other to prioritize needs.  Invite another woman to go for a walk or meet you at yoga or for a cup of tea.  Encourage loved ones going through a hard time and promote self-awareness in the girls and young women in your lives.   And set aside a little downtime for you and just be… be your beautiful true self.

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