Choosing the Perfect Candle Lantern

Choosing the Perfect Candle Lantern

If you have been looking for candle holders lately, you’ve probably noticed a large variety of lantern options. Lanterns are a classic holder for indoor and outdoor candle burning that provide a unique illumination, enhancing the natural amber glow of pure beeswax. One of the greatest benefits to using lanterns is the protection they provide from drafts when indoors and wind when outdoors. On top of that they also provided added safety to your burning experience by containing and protecting the flame.

With so many sizes to choose from, it can sometimes be tough to know which lantern is best for your beeswax candle. The most important thing to keep in mind when selecting your lantern, is ensuring that it is large enough, both to physically hold the candle and provide enough room for the flame above it and to ensure there is enough extra air space to provide ample oxygen to the flame. You may find that when you burn a larger candle such as a pillar in a lantern or hurricane, that the flame flickers, or heat builds up too quickly and the wax pool spills over. This is typically due to the lantern being too small for the candle.  While a lantern may physically fit a pillar, it may actually better suited to a tealight or votive to ensure there is enough oxygen and that it doesn’t get too hot.

Because Honey Candles pure beeswax pillar candles are designed for an unconfined environment with room for heat to dissipate, we don’t typically recommend that they are burned in lanterns or hurricanes.  But, if you really want to, ensure that it is well over-sized and there is plenty of free space once the candle is in the lantern.  Be sure to keep a close eye on it to keep the wick trimmed to avoid wax spills.  If you find that your beeswax pillar still spills over or isn’t burning as expected even with a very large lantern, it may be best to burn the candle in a different holder, such as a fire-safe pillar plate and opt for the smaller option of a tealight or votive to light your lantern.


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