a unique pine cone beeswax candle nestled in a fall arrangement with berries and apples and yellow flowers

Color Your Beeswax Candles Fall

decorative beeswax candlesIf you haven’t already it’s time to pull out sweaters and warm pants. Good bye tank tops and shorts until next summer. Say hello to Fall.

The transition isn’t easy sometimes, especially for those of us born in the summer. I guess I’m talking about myself. I figure you have to be born in the winter to appreciate winter.  I don’t mind fall but it is a reminder that winter is on the way. For us in the northern half of North America that means snow, ice and cold. It means winter driving in less than ideal conditions.

The positive part of winter is feeling okay about curling up with a book, lighting a beeswax candle or two and just relaxing. No gardens to weed or water and no lawns to mow.

Beeswax candles can make your fall evenings pretty special – especially if you introduce some of the fall colors – Tangerine, colored beeswax candlesForest Green, Red, Brown and of course Natural. All these colors are available as Votives, Taper Pairs, Fluted Spheres and round Pillars in all three sizes. Mix and match colors and shapes. The possibilities are endless. Bring in some mountain ash berries and use some squash to decorate with. Pick some of your fall flowers. Use bottles, jars, antiques, old crates, fruit...whatever props you have on hand. A Honey Candles® Ponderosa Pine Cone in the arrangement is very cool too!

Make a statement and enjoy this fall. This Thanksgiving  be sure to make a place at your table for beeswax candles.  There are benefits to burning beeswax candles:

  • They burn a very long time naturally without additives or hardeners
  • They clean the air rather than emitting toxic fumes
  • They create ambiance with a beautiful flame thought by many to be closest to natural sunlight in the light spectrum
  • They are naturally honey scented
  • They are totally natural – a gift from nature
  • They are virtually ‘dripless’ when burned in an environment without drafts

Did you check out the Honey Candles on-line store yet?

Photos by Marlie Marchewka

Published By Pat Cattermole

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