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Curating a Shelfie with Pure Beeswax Candles

You may be asking yourself “what is a Shelfie!?” Simply put it’s a picture of a shelf, but there is much more to a Shelfie than that! A Shelfie is the celebration of the beautiful décor, wonderful literature or gorgeous family heirlooms that live in our homes, prominently displayed on our shelves. Shelfies have become a popular way to showcase your favorite things on social media. We have created a guide for the perfect eco-friendly shelf display to showcase in your home… and of course as a Shelfie on Instagram.

Start with Something Green
Start with foliage that suits the season. Go for a walk or hike and forage for leaves, pinecones or your favorite greenery! By choosing foliage that suits the season you can be on trend without having to purchase unnecessary items every few months. When the season ends you can compost the natural parts of your display and head out on another foraging adventure! For our Shelfie we chose pine and pinecones for a winter feel.

Add Something Handmade
Handmade products give your Shelfie meaning and personality. Hand crafted beeswax candles give your display the beautiful golden color only beeswax has. Honey Candles will look beautiful unlit if your display has another shelf directly above it, or if you aren’t confident if the candle can be burned safely with some of the other items in the display. If you are confident that the beeswax candles can be burned safely in your presence, than light them and give your Shelfie a beautiful amber glow. In our Shelfie we used lit beeswax tapers to give height and beeswax heritage pillars to give the display uniqueness as no two heritage drips are the same!

Make Something Upcycled
Whether it’s reclaimed barn wood or a mason jar craft from Pinterest, adding items you’ve upcycled will not only make your Shelfie eco-friendly, it will also become more personal. Knowing that you created one or more of the items in your display will give you a sense of pride and become a great conversation starter! In our example we upcycled a broken pallet into a beautiful wooden stand for our natural tapers and pine. 

Personalize It
There is no limit to the things you can add to your Shelfie. We included several hardcover books as an homage to the origins of the Shelfie. Other things you can use without having to make unnecessary purchases include, antiques and family heirlooms, your children’s artwork, family photos, your favorite candle holders and more! If you are looking for new items to add to your décor consider purchasing things that are natural, handmade and will transition through the seasons. This will ensure that you don’t end up with waste as seasons change and that you won’t break the bank decorating your home!

No matter your style this guide will help you create the perfect eco-friendly Shelfie, while still leaving plenty of room to personalize to suit your home and style. Send us your Shelfies!
Published By Nicola Hum

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