DIY 'Spooky' holders for your Beeswax Tealights

DIY 'Spooky' holders for your Beeswax Tealights

Halloween candle holders DIYOne of the best things in the world is a perfect fun project with your kids or grandkids. Special occasions like Hallowe’en present the finest possibilities. Leah had her granddaughters here last week. Leah loves her granddaughters and doing crafts. When I saw what they were up to I just had to share with you.

For the best ‘spooky’ tealight holders for your beeswax tealights you need some jars, some white glue diluted with water, a brush (Leah used her basting brush), some white and orange tissue paper, black construction paper and a few energetic, creative children of various ages.

Gramma Leah and mom Alecia guide and direct Chelsea and Dannika through the set up of the ‘spooky’ project. It requires the tissue paper be cut into manageable pieces.

Not quite two, Chelsea is really interested on how this is going to go. She sticks her tissue paper on to her jar as mom holds it for her. There is already some diluted glue brushed on to the jar to hold the paper.

Dannika is very focused on her tealight holder. She has a good idea of how she wants it to look. She is set to make the beeswax tealights in the shop when she has this project done.

Dannika and Chelsea are joined by cousin Kaidence and they've added the finishing touches. Chelsea has declared this moment “SPOOKY!”

Halloween tealight holders DIYTurns out the random sticking of tissue paper has a wonderful effect! Leah thought the smaller jars gave off a nicer light. Look at what the girls have made! Don’t you agree? Isn’t this the perfect DIY project with kids for Halloween? So simple and so much fun, and so gratifying for the kids. And Chelsea would tell you, it makes your beeswax tealights so spoooooky!

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