Do you know how ceiling fans & drafts affect your burning candles?

Do you know how ceiling fans & drafts affect your burning candles?

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It isn’t unusual for customers to call up because their candle didn’t burn the way they expected it to. Then I have to play detective to find out what happened to make it behave that way. Most often I find out they are burning the wrong candle for how they like to burn candles. Sometimes it is because the environment is wrong. I want to tell you about what happened to me in December.

I bought Honey Candles® taper pairs to decorate my Christmas dinner table. I choose what turned out to be one of the most popular Christmas colors this year – Mountain Jade. I put the tapers into the usual brass candleholders, lit them and we sat down to dinner. All would have gone well except for one thing. My 20-month old grandson loves the ceiling fan and he let it be known he wanted it on. So his dad jumped up and accommodated his request. In a matter of a minute my beautiful tapers had flared up. The flame had gone to one side. The candles burned lopsided instead of flat so the wax dripped down the side. In less than two minutes they were a mess. I leaped up and extinguished the flames on both tapers. We ate the rest of our dinner without candles and I had a very valuable experience.

One of the first questions I ask when someone says their candle misbehaved is “Was it burned in a draft or near a fan”. Now I know first hand – you don’t want to have a fan on or a draft near your candles. Your candles cannot burn properly in that environment.

To find out more about burning candlesticks correctly read our Candle Care FAQ's Here are a few suggested precautions you might take to be sure there are no accidental spills on tablecloths etc. in the event that an unexpected draft causes your tapers to drip.

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