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Earth Day

April 22nd is a special day to celebrate for me.  It is the birthday of my grandson Dawson who turns three on that day and it is considered the birthday of the environmental movement and is known as Earth Day.  In 2012 it will be 42 years since the first environmental awareness event that became Earth Day was launched in the US.  Earth Day is celebrated by an estimated one billion people around the world in 170 countries.  It is an opportunity for communities to stage events and projects that address local environmental issues. What’s important is that Earth Day raises awareness of our environment and how we may be impacting it.  It is especially important in schools so the adults of the future get started in the right direction. The more people that take part the more effective the Earth Day programs will be.  

Are you wondering how you might take part in Earth Day? Communities are always looking for event organizers but there are ways that you can take part on a less grand scale.  Look around your community and see if there is an Earth walk or a beach clean-up event. Look in your home and see what effect your lifestyle may be having on the environment. Pick something to change that will help the environment in a positive way, grow a garden without artificial fertilizers and pesticides, (and make it bee and butterfly friendly) walk more, dry your clothes on the line, use cloth bags to bag your groceries at the store, buy natural body care products and burn pure natural beeswax candles. Adopt an Earth Hour in your home but make it weekly rather than just yearly. Think about burning pure beeswax Honey Candles® every Saturday evening over dinner. Learn to live lightly on this earth.  Sometimes less is more. Let's build a better world and a future for Dawson and the children like him!

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