Earth Day 2017 - What does it mean to you

Earth Day 2017 - What does it mean to you

beeswax pillar candleEarth Day is April 22nd every year. It is an important day in that it reminds us that we ought to live more lightly on this earth.  There are reminders through the media and events sponsored by different environmental groups who make this their mission every day to make positive changes in the world that will make it a healthier place to live.

The celebration of Earth Day moves us to make personal choices. For me I try to be mindful of my buying decisions. Firstly, I ask myself, do I really need this? Is it well made and will it last? Is it something I will tire of quickly, say because of the color? Where was this made? If there is a reason that this is not a good purchase I resist putting my money on the table. I don’t need anything I won’t use, or wear or will end up cluttering my space.

For gifts I like consumable items. I don’t wish to clutter other people’s spaces either. I value experiences as a gift. If you know someone enjoys the theatre, skiing, or a visit to the local amusement park these might be good choices. Food baskets full of items made from organic locally grown and produced items are perfect. It might not surprise many of you if I say I like to give Honey Candles® beeswax candles. I often pop them in a gift basket with some nice food items.  Our candles are consumable in that they are used up as we enjoy them and we believe burning them is an experience so they cover both of my criteria.

gardening on earth dayOther ways I honor Earth Day throughout the year is in my garden. I plant memorial sunflowers that remind me of a special loved one that has passed on.  The sunflowers feed honey bees all summer. I leave them in the garden throughout the winter and nuthatches and chickadees visit them regularly. My garden also is full of nasturtiums, calendula and poppies scattered throughout  the vegetables. I have grown a vegetable garden every year since 1977. I feel being in touch with the earth and having the experience of growing your own food is an important contribution to Earth Day as home gardeners save so much energy when food does not have to be transported to them.

I would love to hear what your plans are for Earth Day and how you make the principles of Earth Day part of your everyday life.

Candles photo by Marlie Marchewka
Garden photo by Pat Cattermole
Published By Pat Cattermole

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