Favorite Christmas Candle Holders

Favorite Christmas Candle Holders

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Do you have some favorite Christmas candle holders? They might have holly, or a snowman or two on them.  Alecia has two she likes and she wanted to share photos of them with you.

One is simple with a place for a tealight in the back. When the tealight is lit and the holder faces you the candle light shines through the snowflake, perfect for a mantle. Notice how brightly the candlelight shines through. This is because it is a beeswax candle. No other candle wax creates such a warm, bright glowing light.

The are even more reasons you might wish to choose beeswax candles to make your Christmas candle holder shine:

  • beeswax tealight holderThey are non-toxic
  • They freshen the air and leave it scented with the natural warm scent of honey
  • Relaxing with a beeswax candles helps you to unwind
  • They do not go rancid like soy or palm wax candles will

The second holder is also for a tealight. It is metal but shaped like a small gift bag with a reindeer cut out on the side to let a beeswax candle light it up!  How Christmasy is that?

How about you, do have favorite candle holders for your beeswax candles that you just bring out at Christmas?

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