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Individual Gifts for your Wedding Party

wedding party giftsWhen you are planning your big day, the love and support of the close friends and family in your wedding party can relieve some of the stress and inject the fun back into wedding planning. Being asked to be a bridesmaid or groomsman is a heartwarming honor, but the task is not to simply walk down the aisle on the wedding day. The job involves planning and support leading up to and on the big day. Of course, this is a small ask of a true friend, but when you are getting married you want to show your wedding party how much you appreciate them and their hard work. 
It can be tough to find a gift that fits the uniqueness of the individuals in your party. This is where a common theme, instead of a common gift can be the perfect way to give everyone something similar while still tailoring the gift to each person in your party. To help you pick the perfect wedding party gift we have compiled a list of the best gifts for the unique members of your party!

1. For the Outdoorsy One
Honey Candles® Emergency Tins are perfect for the outdoor enthusiast in your wedding party. Emergency tins provide 24 hours of burn time and come with matches and straps that attach to the tin and allow you to place a can over the flame. By nature, pure beeswax burns hotter and longer than other waxes, making this emergency tin the perfect addition to any emergency or survival kit. Whether your wedding party member loves to hike, camp, or recreate in any other way, this is the perfect gift for them!
2. For the Yogi
If a member of your wedding party can’t get enough of their daily yoga or meditation, then there is no more perfect candles for them than the Honey Candles® Chakra Tealights or Candlesticks. The vibrant chakra colors will enrich their yoga or meditation, while being completely safe and nontoxic to burn. The beautiful colored beeswax is achieved using REACH certified Enviro-dye, which is non-hazardous and not tested on animals. Your yogi friends will be sure to love the addition to their daily routine and the eco-friendly nature of these pure beeswax candles.
3. For the Humanitarian and the Gardener
When you purchase products like honey, beeswax candles or beeswax cosmetics, you are already supporting the bee population, by supporting the important apiaries that are homes to bees. When you purchase a Peek-a-Bee handcrafted pillar, not only do you support apiaries, $2 from each purchase is also donated to research focussed on honey bees. For the humanitarian who is always conscious of the products they purchase in your wedding party, look no further than the all natural, bee-friendly Peek-a-Bee Pillar.
4. For the DIY Master
We all have that one friend who somehow manages to master Pinterest do it yourself instructions perfectly, while the rest of us end up contributing more to the Pinterest-fail side of things. If you have a friend like this in your wedding party then Honey Candles® Pure Beeswax Blocks are the perfect gift for them. Pure beeswax blocks can be used in a variety of DIY ways from water-proofing shoes, to making safe homemade cosmetics. Attach instructions to their wedding party gift on how to make lip balm or lotion, or if you really want to challenge them suggest they try beeswax food wrap! 
5. For the One Who Has Everything
It’s always hard to shop for the friend that has everything, especially when you want to show your appreciation for something as important as being apart of a wedding party. When it comes to those that have it all, strive for something completely unique. The Honey Candles® Fluted Spheres are beautiful ornamental candles that burn beautifully. These natural decorative candles that are hand made in Canada are perfect for the wedding party member who has it all!
We hope this list provides some wedding party gift inspiration and you have a wonderful wedding day!
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Published By Nicola Hum

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