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Give Yourself the Gift of Time

As the Holiday season begins our schedules often become busy and jam-packed with shopping, baking and Christmas parties. While the hubbub of the season is part of its charm, it is important to take time to decompress from the chaos. Each year we spend time painstakingly searching for the perfect gift for those we love – but how often do we give ourselves a gift? This year we encourage you to give yourself a gift: the gift of time. Spend some time unwinding and relaxing this season. Focus on your own well being and self care to ensure you do not burn out.

We all unwind in different ways so it’s important to think introspectively about what things work best for you to relax. This can sometimes be the toughest part of relaxation; determining what activity can quiet the constant chatter in your mind and allow you a moment of peacefulness. For some there’s nothing better than a candlelit bubble bath. For others you may look to play music, watch a movie, or practice meditation or yoga. Self care looks different to each one of us so don’t feel limited by any restrictions or guides but rather work to determine what your self care routine should look like.

No matter how you choose to unwind one of the best ways to stay focused on your self-care time is to try and isolate yourself from distractions. One of the biggest modern distractions are smartphones. It is important to spend some time apart from our phones, so we encourage you to put your phone on silent and tuck it away where it will not distract you. Instead of relying on the bright screen for the time, let candles be your natural timer. Light the candle and practice your chosen activity until the beeswax is gone and the flame goes out. For shorter periods try a candlestick such as a gala that burns for 45 minutes or a chakra candlestick that burns for 60-70 minutes. If you are looking for a longer period of relaxation try a pure beeswax tealight candle which burns for 4-5 hours or our tube candle, a short candlestick which burns for 5-6 hours.

This Holiday Season give yourself the gift of time and the permission to unplug and unwind. Use natural beeswax candles as the perfect timer that is free of any toxins or chemicals, ensuring you can quiet your mind and focus on yourself.
Published By Nicola Hum

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