Have a Heart - Give a Heart

Have a Heart - Give a Heart

Honey Candles has an active Life Candle program that has been running since May 2008. In collaboration with Canadian Food For Children, a volunteer-run organization with offices in British Columbia, we have sent over 1200 Life Candles to families across the world.

Through the Life Candle Program, we re-melt the leftover wax and pour it into small reused tins (tuna cans, soup cans, bean cans) collected by staff and management. Once the candles are poured, hardened and finished, we pack the Life Candles into large 3-5 gallon plastic buckets (used for bulk dried beans etc) donated to us by two of our local grocery stores. We then send the candles off to Canadian Food For Children to distribute around the world wherever it is needed.

This year we are linking the Life Candle program with a newly launched program called Have a Heart-Give a Heart. In the past children have come to work with us pouring Life Candles. This year we had the children use remnant wax to pour candles into heart shaped tins.

Now we need your help. Imagine yourself placing a little brightness into someone’s life through a little heart tin filled with pure natural beeswax. Naturally long burning beeswax provides at least three times more heat than paraffin.  Life Candles are sometimes the only source of light and heat for a family ravaged by crisis or a natural disaster. Natural beeswax Life Candles are also nontoxic and unscented. They can even be used for cooking if needed. For every hand poured natural beeswax Heart Tin you purchase we will send one poured by the children to Canadian Food For Children to be sent as part of our Life Candle program to families in need.

We are very excited about this program that helps children learn to support social issues so they develop compassion and understanding. You in turn can help the children to help other children. For every Heart Tin you purchase we will send one to a family in need. Have a Honey Candles® Heart Tin for yourself or as a gift and help send one to a family in crisis. To find out more about purchasing Honey Candles® Heart Tins click here. What a perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

Please note this program ended when all the tins were sold!

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